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The content of this article is devoted to theoretical aspects of the study of the problems of welfare, the life quality and lifestyle of the population, which the author calls with one simple notion – the quality of life. The article contains certain elements of scientific novelty. In particular, the author establishes the main components of quality of life: economic, ecological, sociological and psychological. The article proves that all the components interact in the complex; none of them is prevail against other and cannot replace others. The article also clarified the structure of the category “quality of life”, which, on the one hand, indicates the ability to satisfy human needs, including the needs of society; on the other hand, shows the degree of satisfaction of the person’s own life. Such a dualistic approach to the concept of quality of life is, in the author’s opinion, the basis for the formation of the concept of quality of life based on objective and subjective assessments. This concept in the framework of the research has been classical, because, in fact, was formed because of century evolution of different theories and scientific approaches to problems of quality of life. The author characterizes the four historical phases, which formed four distinct approaches to understanding the level and quality of life. The author further discussed the material, quantitative and integrated approaches, as these approaches formed in scientific and theoretical terms and as independent academic schools. The article is a logical continuation of the research of the author on issues related to the quality of life of the population.

the concept, quality of life, standard of living, lifestyle, wealth

Понятие «качество жизни» комплексное и многоаспектное. Зачастую качество жизни подменяют такими понятиями, как «уровень жизни», «образ жизни», «благосостояние», но, по сути, оно объединяет все эти категории. Однако в научном плане, несмотря на постоянно возобновляющийся интерес к проблеме качества жизни, так и не выработалось единого подхода ни к определению этого понятия, ни к его исследованию и оценке.


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