Policy of Scientific journal “Service Plus”



Service Plus is the first and the only one interdisciplinary reviewed scientific journal that specializes in the problems of service.

The Editorial Board believes that the development of modern post-industrial society has led to the rethought value of service problems. In fact, the society of the XXI century is the service society. The study of the service sector has special characteristics, because the science of service is an integrative field of knowledge accumulating the results of many researches. The core elements of serviceology (the science of service) are classification and determination of the structure of human needs and the development of ways of their effective satisfaction. The main object of serviceology is the creation of integrated knowledge system in providing services which are based on studies of consumer behavior in conditions of modern market development.

According to the information above, there is determined the content of articles and journal columns.

Economic column analyses specific public services, their organization, management, marketing, economic efficiency. Here we study the organization, forms and methods of individual human service, social quality management in the field of service. Interdisciplinarity of serviceology also involves the publication of articles in the field of engineering, technology and organization of all possible service forms. Also we highlight tourism as the special sphere and the most promising one of service activities.

Social column presents articles that are devoted to the study and analysis of service culture, a customer who has certain needs and interests, value orientations and aspirations, psychological originality and life style. The problem of human needs is revealed from the philosophical, psychological, sociological, economic, historical and other points of view. That gives the journal integrative characteristics and allows the reader to synthesize the information obtained in the humanitarian field.

The journal is non profit. There are only a few conditions for a scientific article to be published in the journal: relevance of its issues and compliance of the article with the thematic field of the journal. The journal is available to authors from around the world, and censorship is applied only on the basis of the compliance with the Russian legislation on mass media and  scientific ethics. The journal is focused on providing authors the possibility to publish their research results if they are original and undoubtedly new. We welcome interdisciplinary research.
The journal’s copyright belongs to its founder, Russian State University of Tourism and Service.

Members of the Journal Editorial Board are the leading Russian and foreign scientists known for their contributions to serviceology. The Editorial Board make closed anonymous expertise and review received articles.

The journal is published quarterly on a regular basis and has some articles by foreign authors in its portfolio.

The published authors are renowned scientists from Russian and foreign universities, experts from various agencies, research laboratories, as well as post graduates and students.

Scientific Journal “Service Plus” bases its activities on the principles of education, humanism, social justice, patriotism and tolerance.

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