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Abstract (English):
In the context of a social and cultural situation of post-industrial society, and also in a social political situation of “the transformed society” the article examines the problem of an involvement and degree of the last in the processes happening in the organization. Authors suggest to look at system of relations from social and psychological interrelation between a corporate and organizational culture. Relevance of this consideration is caused by the fact that in cases of the small and growing organizations there is no side between organizational and corporate cultures owing to their formation. Using system approach, authors consider a corporate culture in the conditions of modern service that means from a line item of quality characteristics of the product received “at the exit”. On the example of activities of research university authors come to a conclusion that the corporate culture represents the system characteristic of the organization, creating service level as service qualities. In this sense transition on new education forms at the higher school predetermines new features and, in general, understanding of education as system of educational services. Improvement of training methods in view of a strong competition among higher education institutions for students are caused not by cynical conditions of crisis of education and culture, but by the real social and economic, and also demographic situation. All parameters of activity of the organization are connected among themselves and with the product, – in this case –with the result of training. So, fixed professional growth creates a favorable competitive environment in the organization for the staff of higher education institutions that promotes the fixed growth of advanced training (including defense of theses and getting degree etc.).

corporate culture, service quality, system characteristic, higher educational institution

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