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Abstract (English):
The article is dedicated to the analysis of design methods in modern design being related with postmodernism aesthetics. Subject of research – is creative design methods. The aim of the study is to examine the methods characteristic of postmodern culture, which are used in the costume design. The hypothesis of the study – is typical interpretation methods of the tradition in postmodern – eclectic, collage (the method of citations), citation, deconstruction, parody, ironic pastiche, vintage, and used in costume design. The study used the cultural studies approach, considering modern project activities as a part of the culture of postmodernism, a systematic approach that allows revealing the relationship of aesthetic theories with practice, the specific design, aesthetic approach in the analysis of the characteristics of postmodernism, art analysis for costume design. It is proved that the modern costume designers are actively using methods of postmodernism that allow you to create a diverse environment reflecting the changing and diverse needs of man. Analysis of design practice in the context of postmodernism allowed to reveal when the costume design together with General cultural processes were first analyzed design methods in costume design which related to the category of comic – ironic pastiche, parody, playing with meanings, techniques of wit, considered in connection with other methods of postmodernism: eclectic, a collage, a transgression. The study of current design methods in costume design, on the one hand, complements insufficiently explored area in the theory of design. On the other hand, the results of the study can be used in curriculum development and teaching of professional disciplines profile “costume Design” directions 54.03.01 Design – costume design, history of design, history of fashion houses. In the future will be explored current design methods in costume design related to environmental aesthetics.

design, design methods, postmodernism, eclecticism, collage, quotation, parody, vintage

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