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Abstract (English):
For a long time the industry of cinematography in Russia has been unprofitable, which in turn determines the difficulty in finding investment for new film projects. The part of Russian films in total box office of domestic distribution is negligibly small, the most produced Russian film projects do not pay back the investment made in them. The situation is critical and requires a comprehensive approach to the analysis of all the possible causes of this situation and to develop measures and create conditions to increase investment attractiveness of this industry in Russia. They are still making incompleted attempts to reform the industry, for example, an adjustment has been made in the distribution system of state support, multiple meetings with theater owners have been held where they taked about a voluntary increase of quotas on rolled domestic films and a number of other measures. However, all these measures are chaotic, and therefore futile, attempts to correct the current situation, do not have single cohesive system of designed reforms that will help to improve the overall investment attractiveness of this industry. The article attempts to analyze the reasons that have not allowed the domestic film industry to become powerful, profitable and, most importantly, attractive for investment for a long time. The article also suggests actions that should be implemented and adapted to the Russian realities, to increase the investment attractiveness of the film industry in Russia that can serve as a locomotive for the output of the industry from years of systemic crisis.

investment, film production, film branch, film industry

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