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Abstract (English):
Purpose of the article is the formation of a system characteristics of hotel fitness services related to the satisfaction of human needs in the healthy way of life. The urgency of studying of the questions is connected with satisfaction of needs of tourists in maintaining a healthy lifestyle (in disease prevention and health promotion). The author analyzed and interpreted international standards of service and the specifics of providing fitness services in hotel complexes. The importance and relationship of elements of service with the end result that a consumer gets after the service aresubstantiated. The author developed the model of the system of quality indicators, including three subsystems: the infrastructure of the hotel complex for services rendering, the process of services rendering and results of services received by the consumer and by producers from the rendered services. The results of the work are recommended for the development of interventions for improving the activity of the hotel enterprises and improving the quality of services.

hotel, system, sports and recreational services, quality indicators, potential quality, result of services

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