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Abstract (English):
The state course of import substitution, designated by the government of the Russian Federation, raises basic questions of development of domestic and inbound tourism with a new shtick. The theme of the development of the tourism industry attracts more and more attention every year, often because of high- profile bankruptcies of tour operators. The focus is on the processes of management in organizations of hospitality and tourism, issues of state regulation in the industry, and the solution of emergency situation consequences. In this case, the solution to the problems of tourism as an interdisciplinary complex of the national economy, does not only amount strategy state program of the Russian Federation on development of culture and tourism, but also affects other priority areas such as innovation, information and communication technologies. Information technology, innovation and information support of tourism activity plays a relatively modest role in solving the problems of increasing volumes of domestic and in- bound tourism,. While information technology is an integral part of the tourist industry in the production, promotion and distribution of tourism products. The main issues of tourism in times of crisis is character- ized from the point of view of the use of technical and informational Internet marketing that allows you to identify main regions with high tourism potential. Adaptation of innovative development, successfully applied to the outbound tourism market, gives the opportunity to evaluate the displacement demand on the domestic market and to give impetus to development of the Russian tourism in the process of import substitution. A method to determine targets based on data from Internet-resources will help assess the effectiveness of the measures implemented in the state program of the Russian Federation “Development of culture and tourism”.

import substitution, domestic tourism, information technology, domestic demand for tourism products, information support of tourist activity

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