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In connection with the launch of the "Strategy of development of tourism in the Russian Federation until 2020", approved by the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation on May 31, 2014 №941-p, opportunities for coordination of tourism activities of municipalities have increased significantly. The complex of effective mechanisms is presented in the Strategy and Action Plan for its implementation, and they have opened up great opportunities for municipalities to develop the potential for domestic tourism. The primary purposes of the current step for the coordination of tourism activities in municipalities are to assist in the promotion of tourist resources of small cities, towns, and villages, programming event-tourism activities taking place in towns of Russia, participation in festivals of Russian towns, development of measures to support efforts to promote tourism services in small cities of Russia, including through public-private partnerships. This corresponds to the documents of Federal Target Program "Development of domestic and inbound tourism in the Russian Federation (2011—2018 years) " in terms of solving the problem of the development of tourist and recreational complex of the Russian Federation. The article is based on materials of the research carried out with the direct participation of the author, the main result of which is the development of the program content of the subject "Management of tourism in at state and municipal levels " in the programme of master training 43.04.02 "Tourism ". The article deals with the organizational support of the process of coordination of tourism activities at the state and municipal levels, aimed at obtaining a specific socio-economic result of the introduction of innovative technologies. The results obtained directly by the author are based on a fairly extensive empirical basis, which consists of the legal documents developed in the regions and municipalities for tourist activities coordination, as well as the programs and subprograms of tourism development in regions and municipalities. Technology developed to improve the efficiency of tourism activities in municipalities take into account the requirements of government agencies, businesses and social forces aimed at the development of tourism in the Russian Federation, and they are conducive to the processes of self-identification and promotion of domestic tourism. Tourism in Russia today is more than an economic phenomenon; it is, above all, an opportunity to carry out educational activities by means of tourism, to educate the historical memory of the population.

tourism, efficiency-improvement technologies for tourism activities, technology of tourism services, tourism development program

Обоснование актуальности. Система государственной координации туристской деятельности переживает в настоящее время переход на эффективные технологии. В последнее время существенно изменилась ситуация на рынке туристских услуг Российской Федерации. Произошедшие изменения актуализировали разработку перспективных бизнес-проектов и технологий обслуживания потребителей внутреннего и въездного туризма, поиск инновационных форм взаимодействия органов государственной, муниципальной власти и частных предпринимательских структур в сфере туризма.


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